Poster Presentation

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[01] Dr. Yinyin Bao, ETH Zurich
«Machine Learning-Assisted Design of Full-Color Fluorescent Polymers»

[02] Dr. Cesare Berton, EPFL Lausanne
«Performance boost of a merocyanine photoacid by supramolecular encapsulation»

[03] Dario Bragagnolo, University of Fribourg
«Evaluation of 4 photoremovable protecting groups for selective photolysis and chromatic orthogonality»

[04] Tobias Hendrik Bürgin, University of Basel
«A Spin-Flip Excited Cr(III) Complex in Photoredox Catalysis»

[05] Adriano D'Addio, University of Basel
«Geländer Molecules with orthogonal joints: Design and Synthesis of Macrocyclic Dimers»

[06] Anastasia Gitlina, EPFL Lausanne
«Reversible switching of luminescence of Ir(III) complexes»

[07] Cedric Hoffmann, University of Bern
«Spectroscopic investigation of charge dissociation and transport in organic solar cells»

[08] Isabelle Holzer, University of Bern
«Using in-situ time-resolved Vis-NIR spectro-electrochemistry to study kinetics in IDTBT polymers»

[09] Jasmin Anastasia Kübler, University of Basel
«Long-lived triplet states in isomeric Zn(II) complexes with charge transfer character used in energy-transfer photocatalysis, electron transfer and upconversion»

[10] Dr. Chandan Kumar, University of Zurich
«Robust ΔSCF excited state calculations for molecules and materials»

[11] Subhradip Kundu, University of Geneva
«Photoinduced Electron-Transfer Through the Mechanical Bond in a Supramolecular Dyad»

[12] Dr. Han Li, University of Basel
«Photophysics of Perylene Diimide Dianions and Their Application in Photoredox Catalysis»

[13] Juraj Malincik, University of Basel
«Emissive Properties of Helicene Carbon Nanohoops»

[14] Dr. Momir Malis, University of Zurich
«Nonadiabatic processes in condensed phase systems with ∆SCF»

[15] Dr. Tomohiro Ogawa, University of Basel
«Extending the 3MLCT excited-state lifetimes of Ni(II) complexes in solution»

[16] Subrata Patra, University of Fribourg
«Visible Light-Mediated Regio-Selective De Novo Nitrative Difunctionalization of Alkenes Using Bench-Stable Organic Nitrating Reagent»

[17] Alexandre Rod, University of Fribourg
«Photoinduced intramolecular cyclization via Norrish I reaction»

[18] Dr. Marina Russo, University of Zurich
«Photouncaging of Carboxylic Acids from Cyanine Dyes with Near-Infrared Light»

[19] Dr. Narayan Sinha, University of Basel
«Combination of strong pi- and sigma-donating ligand yields a cobalt(III) complex with a long-lived MLCT excited state»

[20] Jihad Sissaoui, University of Geneva
«Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Porphyrin-Fullerene Dyad at a liquid interface»

[21] Estefania Sucre-Rosales, Universite de Geneve
«Unraveling the Photoinduced Symmetry-Breaking Charge Separation (SB-CS) process in a PDI-based Cage»