Swiss Photochemistry Symposium 2022

The symposium was an initiative of the Photochemistry Section of the Swiss Chemical Society to promote the exchange within the photochemistry community in Switzerland and beyond.

The event comprised short contributions from all areas of photochemistry (please apply during the registration process) as well as three invited lectures.

Invited Lectures provided by:

Best Presentation Awards

ChemPhotoChem awarded the best contributed talk with the Best Oral Contribution Award which came along with a certificate and a cash amount of CHF 250.00.
Helvetica sponsored the Best Poster Presentation Award. The jury selected 3 winners who were awarded with a certificate and a cash check of CHF 150.00 each.

The award for the best short talk was given to

Dr. Ricardo Fernández-Terán, University of Sheffield, UK
«Ultrafast Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Hydrides: Couplings, Solvation and Proton-Coupled Electron»

The prizes for the best posters were awarded to

Isabelle Holzer, University of Bern
«Using in-situ time-resolved Vis-NIR spectro-electrochemistry to study kinetics in IDTBT polymers»

Dr. Marina Russo
, University of Zurich
«Photouncaging of Carboxylic Acids from Cyanine Dyes with Near-Infrared Light»


Dr. Cesare Berton
, EPFL Lausanne
«Performance boost of a merocyanine photoacid by supramolecular encapsulation» 

Jury members: Alexandre Fuerstenberg, Eric Vauthey, Pablo Rivera-Fuentes, Peter Stacko, Jovana Milic.


David Spichiger, SCS


Meeting Chair

Dr. Olivier Nicolet


Symposium Sekretariat

SCS Head Office

+41 31 306 92 92